CSA Box Waste

CSA Food Waste and How to Avoid It

Of course you love the idea of joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) who wouldn’t? Fresh, local produce straight from the farmer conveniently delivered twice a month and also probably cheaper than picking it up at the farmer’s market every week. The problem is, last time you tried it you ended up with clumps of soggy Swiss chard and moldy tomatillos in the back of your fridge because you simply couldn’t get through everything before it spoiled. It was a waste of money and a waste of good food!

You’d like to think that you’ll do a better job this time around of cooking your way through that perpetual box of greens but the reality is there’s always going to be times where, for whatever reason, you just can’t. Fortunately, this is exactly what Ripelist was built for.

Those who are familiar with Ripelist know it works great for sharing surplus from the garden or homemade Kombucha with neighbors but it’s also a perfect solution for the CSA blues. Too much Kale? Post it on Ripelist for sale or trade. Is that bulk meat order from your local ranch a little too much for your freezer? Put it on Ripelist and see what your neighbors have to trade! It’s not only a solution to food waste but if you offer your extra for sale or trade, it will actually save you money and help you connect with like-minded neighbors to boot!

If you are considering signing up again this year for a CSA, don’t hesitate. It’s still the best way to get fresh food while supporting your local farm. Just make sure you’ve downloaded Ripelist if you do. It just may be the answer to your CSA blues.

Visit www.ripelist.com for more information or download Ripelist now for free from the App Store.

Is an Affordable Local Food Diet Possible?

Well, it’s now been confirmed. There’s enough local food for everyone! That’s right, according to a UC study put out this last month, there is enough locally grown and raised food for 90% of Americans to eat 100% local (food produced within 100 miles). That’s an encouraging statistic to be sure but, before I put on my party hat and partake of the locally sourced vegetable platter I have one aching question. Why does it feel like we’re still a far cry from that reality? I ask this because yes, despite the growing number of local food choices available today, my squash does occasionally have a Mexico sticker slapped on it and my Florida Orange juice well, I think it’s from Florida. The simple truth is, eating 100% affordable local food diet is still not convenient for most folks.
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