Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle, A Backyard Weed That Cures Allergies?

A few weeks ago, in a miserable fit of sneezing and itchy red eyes, I came across a homespun remedy for seasonal allergies I hadn’t heard of before; Stinging Nettle tea. That’s right. It’s that annoying weed your dad warned you about on camping trips in the woods. After some more, ahem… rigorous research (there’s a lot of mommy blogs out there) I decided to give it a shot. Continue reading →

Is an Affordable Local Food Diet Possible?

Well, it’s now been confirmed. There’s enough local food for everyone! That’s right, according to a UC study put out this last month, there is enough locally grown and raised food for 90% of Americans to eat 100% local (food produced within 100 miles). That’s an encouraging statistic to be sure but, before I put on my party hat and partake of the locally sourced vegetable platter I have one aching question. Why does it feel like we’re still a far cry from that reality? I ask this because yes, despite the growing number of local food choices available today, my squash does occasionally have a Mexico sticker slapped on it and my Florida Orange juice well, I think it’s from Florida. The simple truth is, eating 100% affordable local food diet is still not convenient for most folks.
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